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Why do we have to grow up and get old?

I have asked myself this question numerous times and have always wondered why we can't just get younger instead of older. I am 20 years old and I am the oldest child and oldest grandchild on both sides of my family. Not only am I the oldest grandchild on both sides of my family, but I was also one of the oldest students in my graduating class because I was held back a year in Kindergarten. Not only am I the oldest in my family, but also one of the tallest at 5'11. I hit puberty at 13 and that is when I really started growing and feeling old. I know 20 is considered young, but I feel so old because I am the oldest and the tallest in my family. I have never enjoyed being the oldest or the tallest person in my family and school because I have always felt like I have been on my own. I have never had anyone to look up to or see how things are done such as getting ready for college, learning how to drive a car, or taking graduating tests because these things have all come to me first. I have always been that type of kid who never wanted to grow up and I still feel that way. Yes, you do have more freedoms as an adult, but on top of that comes responsibilities. I just want to be young forever and not have to get old. Even though I am 20 and am young I feel so old because all my first cousins and siblings are younger than I am as well as most of my classmates and friends and I hate being the oldest and the biggest. If given the opportunity to be a child again, I would definitely take that opportunity. I feel that life only gets harder and worse as you get older which is why I have always dreaded it.

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    Well I know a guy named Peter, he could probably help you out. He's got this place out in the middle of the ocean, his own private island, and he does these experiments with minerals that are produced from these flying things, and he says that it completely halts the aging processes. He doesn't do it here in the USA because its illegal, but from what I hear it's all safe. I'm pretty sure if you you give him a call he can take you on his next flight out. If you want his number I can give it to you, but he's going to take you out of your house at night and smuggle you out of the country in order to not be seen.

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    Well age, helps you get more mature and understand the world more. Sometime you gotta get old to know more. Also sometimes when you die, make sure to have your knowledge written down. So when someone finds it, they will know what you knew

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