In English Royalty, will William and the baby automatically become kings?

In the royal succession process, if something would happen to Charles (heaven forbid) while Elizabeth is still Queen, would the line of succession skip a generation to William, or would Charles' brother Andrew become King? That would set up a different succession leaving William out.

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    The way the line of succession works according to law is that you always go right down to the bottom of the relevant branch of the family tree before going back up the tree again to find the next nearest relative. So what we've got is



    The so far unnamed Prince of Cambridge





    See the logic? If you think about it thoroughly, it's the only way to have it logically work.

    So if something happened to Charles while Elizabeth is still Queen, that just knocks him out of that list and on Elizabeth's death, William would become king.

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    The line of succession is as follows:

    Prince Charles

    Prince William

    Prince of Cambridge (the new baby)

    If something were to happen to Prince Charles, then Prince William will become king after Queen Elizabeth's passing. The baby prince will then be first in line for the throne.

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    Charles is after the Queen, William is After Charles and the New Royal Baby is after William. If anything happened to Charles it would go straight to William, Andrew hasn't got a look in thank God

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    The British monarchy is done by male primogeniture, where succession runs down the male lines. As charles is the oldest son of the queen, his line comes before that of his brother Andrew.

    Thus if Charles dies it would go to prince william and then his son.

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