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I'm getting MAILER-DAEMON emails, what is this?

And it says that the email can not being delivered, but I've gotten 50 of these emails in the middle of the night. So, I checked my sent folder, and I saw that somebody tried to send emails to some of my contacts, I have no idea what this is, should I delete my email or is this normal. Also I'm using a iPad so I don't think that my iPad is infected.

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    A spammer got into your account and grabbed your contact list. They did not send the spam from your computer. That is why they don't show up in your Sent file. You would have seen 50 sent emails. They will send out 2 spams. Phone your friends and warn them that you are not selling pills and you have not been mugged. After the 2nd spam, the hackers are finished with you. They disappear. Changing your password or running your anti-virus doesn't help. The spammers are already gone.

    In a small percentage of cases, the spammers are vicious. They make your account unusable. Or they send all of your incoming mail straight to the trash. (doesn't sound like that happened to you). Yahoo has to fix this. but they are swamped.

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