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How long will it take to ship a package from china to us via ems?

I have order a package its comng via ems but i didnt recive any updates it says dispatch from sorting center

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    It will generally take 7 to 10 days.. that also assumes there are NO delays or issues with the Customs (CBP) inspection process that ALL incoming mail and parcels go thru after arriving in the US..

    Your package will most likely fly on a commerical airplane and once it arrives into the US, all the mail is taken by the airline to a airport-area Air Mail Center (AMC) where it will be handed over to the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for their inspection.. Depending on the time and day of the week it arrives at the CBP facility it may take a few days for the inspection process to be completed..

    Once cleared by the CBP it's turned back over to the USPS and they'll forward it to you at your address. If there are any issues with your package and the clearance process, you'll get a notice from the CBP outlining the issues and steps you need to take to get it resolved.

    Until the package arrives into the US and is turned over to the CBP you probably won't see any more scans. The USPS and the airline tries to scan everything as it arrives, but sometimes things get missed.. I wouldn't worry as you're still well within the reasonable delivery time.

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    A week from when it is sent is normal. There is no tracking when parcels are in transit, but only when they are sorted in a postal operation.

    Source(s): retired USPS
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