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Why did my body reject the water?(Click HELP?)?

So I've been drinking water for almost 4 weeks now and my face is clearing up slowly and I'm sweating a lot.I drink about 8-14 glasses a day.So far I've drink about 6 today and I'm drinking right now.I only ate 8 M&Ms today and I drank a load of water after to flush out my system.So I was just drinking water and it felt like it was coming up in my lungs then water came through my mouth.This is the 2nd time this is happening now Yes I live in a hot area and its really hot now we even had a earthquake the other day.So I jkust took a sip and I feel like throwing up at the moment.This also happened when I ate 50 M&Ms Friday and now its happening again.Help?Am I drowning?

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    Your not suppose to force yourself to drink water when you are not thirsty. 8-14 cups a day? I can't even drink 6 cups of water and its so hot here.

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    Careful. Only drink water with meals or when you're thirsty. Its easy to over drink water once you get used to it. You only want about 8 cups a day, and you should have solid food in your system with it.

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