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Disability qualification?

Never thought I would see the day where I would be considering this but it is what it is...I suffer from several things...occipital neuralgia which causes constant headaches, dizziness and light-headedness, etc. Physical therapy, several nerve block/steroid injections and medications have had little to no effect. I have bulging discs and pinched nerves in my neck and back which affect my daily life and activity on a daily basis in various ways and have been through several treatments to no avail. I am unable to do many of the things I have grown up doing and love to do. I could go into more detail but I'm trying to keep this relatively short. I have always been the type to just tough it out and go on with life but that isn't working out too well. I understand it goes case by case but from personal opinion/experience would I qualify for disability if it came down to it? Thanks in advance (I live in Virginia, if that makes a difference)

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    wow thought some other people i knew had it tough. consider my cousin on my mothers side. she was only 24 years old and was working on tearing down rides at travel ling carnival shows. anyways she was driving a big heavy clunky pontiac, and one night after a gruel ling teardowne and trying too get, too florida from alabama. in time for the next setup. the girl was big for her age tall and could work like a man. anyways she fell asleep at the wheel and roled her car over. no alochol or drugs was involved. anyways she broke her LI vertabra. after the paramedics tried too lift her out. she became paralized from the waist downe. her husband of only 2 weeks walked out her. her mother put her up at 25 in a nursing home. just dumped her there. no one wanted her around. i finallly found out that she got around 45.000. from her car insurance. that chewed up her nursing home medicall bills. the girl called me crying. adam could you please help me get started on disablity. i hired her a lawyer and it took 2 years of pushing her into 6 different courtrooms in a wheel chair. its tough anymore getting on disablity. the nursing home put her on welfare and stuffed her in a top floor apt. i guess they just wanted too dump her were they couldent see her get out. there was so many mistakes and two years too battle it out. finally after 4 years she gotSSSI. BUT IN the meantime of waiting for her back pay social services too most of it. it was battle after battle. lawyers. judges. and the social security and state too give the girl a dime. paralized at 24. and trying too work.

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    is a fast result good or bad

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