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how do you reheat baked goods for a party without overcooking or drying out food?

So I plan on making some baked goods (buffalo chicken ring and pizza bites) for my daughter's baptism luncheon using those tube crescent rolls and biscuits but I want to know the best way to reheat them without over cooking them because I'm going to need to cook the food before hand and then bring them to the party location

My 2 issues:

- there is no kitchen where i'm going

- I can't cook the day of at my own house (too much to do to prepare for baptism, too little time)

thank you!

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    Unfortunately, canned crescent rolls and biscuits do not reheat well at all, whether baked alone or as part of a recipe. Reheating them dries them out and turns them rubbery.

    Since there is no kitchen where you're going, it would be best to make something that can successfully be prepared the day before and that doesn't require reheating or being kept warm. For example: assorted cold cuts, served alongside rolls/breads, along with a couple of condiments (e.g. mustard and mayo), rounded out with potato salad, deviled eggs, and raw veggies (or simply baby carrots) and dip.

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    Either use the microwave there if there is one, or bring along yours, and reheat covering the food with a damp paper towel. Of course, you'll need to do it in batches.

    Source(s): Early on, I discovered that damp paper towel keeps the food moist.
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