What Ideas for an assisted living & memory care community can you think of?

Other than bingo and the typical things you think of. We though of a snack cart to be distributed 24 hours a day. Things that would draw attention to our building.

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    7 years ago
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    Hailey - are you looking for things to do for the residents or to attract attention to your building and get more customers?

    not sure what you might do as most dementia sufferers can be uninterested in the outside world. A friend of mine's dad enjoyed coloring books - each resident is different and you might experiment with childrens toys.

    paint the building sunshine yellow.

  • 7 years ago

    Craft day once or twice a month. Our residents loved it. Our residents loved puzzles and puzzle books. Some played cards. They loved painting things like in crafts, wooden items or ceramic. Other ideas are theme days. Like we all dressed for St. Patricks day and Mardi Gras. They dressed for Halloween and passed out candy. We did cook outs. Had picnics. We would play music and they would dance. You could do Hawaiian themes or Mexican themes including food and dressing up. They loved it.

    Source(s): Worked in an assisted living for 5 years.
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