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I was jumping on my trampoline and felt a sharp pain in my upper back, now i cant jump or run without pain?

So this happened about 4 days ago, and now my upper back is sore. I can't run very well, I can't jump at all, and it hurts when I bend in certain positions. I think that I must have done something to the muscles in that area, and if so, how can I fix the pain, and if not, what is it, and what should I do? Thanks in advance.

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    It's hard to recommend the appropriate treatment without knowing the extent of the injury, your age and your weight (these all play a factor in your recovery).

    If it is a minor injury, then it's probably just a thoracic strain. In that case, all you need is time to rest and some stretching exercises. However, if it's a long time and there is no improvement for your condition, then it's probably something more severe. You will need to see a doctor and have an MRI done at that point, to see what is the next appropriate treatment - likely aggressive physical therapy. If conservative care fails, epidural injections or invasive care would be the next option.

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