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Help to convince my dad to let me buy a new bike?

Hi, I'm Sam. I am just starting out with bmx, and now realize I bought a pretty bad bike. I didn't know much about it at the time, but now im getting better at bmx and am in need of a good bike. Here lies the problem. I'm not sure if my dad would allow me to. He spent about 200 an my current one, and I'm afraid to ask him to let me buy another 6 months after he ought me one. I need som advice on how to ask him for it. Here are some things I thought of:

I'm 100% paying for it myself

I'll take amazing care of it

I'll ride it often

That's all I have, and I need some things to say. Also, my dad kinda has a temper that's easy to set off. I asked him for a pet leopard gecko, and he gave me a stern "no" and a scolding. Don't get me wrong,my dad is a great Christian man, but he just gets angry easily. Anyway, help of greatly appreciated


Also, my mom is extremely supportive of anything used outdoors, so maybe ifi can convince her, she'll convince my dad? Any tips for convincing y mom would be good too

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    Keep riding the old bike. Take good care of it and learn how to fix things on it. Clean and wax his car every Sunday before mass. Mow the grass. Get good grades and take some class online during the summer to stay ahead next year. Empty the dishwasher and take the garbage out before they tell you.

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    Approach this as a straight up business deal. Explain why your current bike no longer meets your needs and tell him you want to buy a better quality bike. Offer to repay him what he originally paid for the current bike out of the money you have for a new bike. Tell him you intend to pay the entire cost of the new bike and ask if he would be willing to cover the difference while you earn the rest of the money to purchase the new one. By doing this you show him that you appreciate his original gift and that you will be responsible for buying the new one. Make sure you follow through on the deal or you will create distrust between you. If he opts not to go along with the deal, don't push it. Ride what you have until you can cover the entire cost of the new bike then sell the old one.

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    Wait until you get older and have kids. It takes a lot of money to live now a days and a $ 200 BMX cant be too bad but 6 months later you want another one ? Get the money together and then ask him.

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