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Girls how can I act slightly more feminine?

Please help me be more feminine because I mostly only have girl friends and when I hang out with them I feel like I pop out and I feel like I don't fit in. I would like to fit in more and I feel like I don't right now. I would not like advice like be yourself or paint your nails hot pink.

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    I'm sort of the same way.

    I'd say try using subtle makeup like mascara or lip gloss.(I wouldn't say mascara is too subtle though).

    Style your hair differently(watch videos on YouTube,they help a lot).

    Get your eyebrows done and maintain your nails.

    Wear your clothes differently and try to follow some fashion trends.

    Ask your friends for fashion advice;maybe even a female family member.

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    Um, most girls are high maintenance. Get highlights? Maybe if you act like a girl at home, it'll be more natural? Idk.

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