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Why is it so hard to win more games MLB?

Why is it so hard for MLB teams to turn around their season from bad seasons to good ones like nfl and nba teams can. Besides long schedules?

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    In the NFL and NBA, adding "one" player (or losing one) CAN make a huge difference. Look at the Indianapolis Colts when Peyton Manning was out for a season, or the Cavaliers once LeBron James left.

    In baseball, you can't really do that. You need to add a lot of players to significantly improve, or at least have a lot of players "get better," which takes time.

    It isn't unheard of, though; the 1991 World Series is well-known for featuring the Twins and Braves, who both finished in last place in 1990.

  • Sid
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    The thing with baseball is that you play your games in series with other teams. This is very different from basketball and other sports.

    It's really tough to sweep a team in baseball -- once you win the first 2 games, the other team generally changes their approach to win game 3.

    Due to that reason, it's really tough for teams to go on a streak. Also, in baseball, your pitchers change every game, so that's another thing that doesn't stay constant.

    You would need all 5 of your starter to be doing well at the same time, which is rare.

  • I've got a real problem here.

    I can't remember ever an NFL team or an NBA team ever going from last to first in any one season.

    I don't think your question is valid.

    Please quote us an example of such a thing. Like an example of being in last place half way through the schedule and then winning it all. Just one, but two would be better.

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    Hitting a baseball isn't an easy thing to do, it's probably the hardest thing to do in sports

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