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my brother needs help learning.?

hes going into 4th grade (supposed to be in 6th) and he cant do 3 multiplication. is there any games we can try for him? he likes boats, fishing, and we area lways swimming out to a raft in the ocean. is there any games you can come up with maybe??

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    Does he have diagnosed learning disorder which is why he a few grades behind his peers?

    There is a few things which you can do which may help him;

    Have a copy of all the maths symbols and their meanings, laminate them and keep a copy for school and home.

    Have a copy of times tables.

    When doing maths use graph paper to help keep numbers inline and help you add, divide, multiply etc.

    Have clear step by step examples how to do addition, division etc.

    Use other methods of learning such as visual, auditory, calculators etc.

    Allow extra time to do the work

    Teach/learn only one math concept at time (division, fractions etc at the same time can be confusing) and review previous lesson to be student understands what has been taught.

    Be creative by using scales, measuring cups etc to help teach fractions, addition etc, (I hate fractions but using measuring cups etc, I used these to teach my daughter fractions).

    Use other methods of learning such as visual, auditory, such as calculators, abacus, blocks etc.

    Both my daughter & I are dyslexic

    Source(s): Youth & Disability support worker and teacher (over 18 years in the field) with a special interest in learning disorders, especially dyslexia.
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