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How much food can you pack on a plane?

Could you fill a whole suitcase with something like, for example, beef jerky or granola?

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    How much food can you bring on a plane?

    * If you want to eat from that food during the flight, then the food must be on the carry-on bag that you can bring with you to the seat. Check with the airline how large can be the carry-on bag,

    Could you fill a suitcase with food that you can bring on a plane?

    * You can fill a full suitcase with food, but suitcases will be at the cargo area.

    * Also you must check which kinds of food are allowed by the Dept. of Agriculture for travel. I think there is no problems with beef jerky or granola. However, fruits, vegetables, cheese maybe rejected.

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    What food you can take in your luggage is dependent on where you are going. If you went to Australia or New Zealand for example, most food would have to be declared at customs and may be taken off you, or even a fine. We have sniffer dogs to check incoming foods.

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    To prevent the spread of agricultural diseases the importation of meat, fruit, vegetables and other fresh foods is prohibited in to most countries and the fines for attempting this are substantial

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    Yeah sure, any amount you want.

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