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Do I have a tampon issue?

Okay so I'm 13 I've tried to put in a tampon but I'm not sure if I do it right cuz I can still see part of the tampon and when I would walk around and stuff it felt really weird and kinda hurt and it hurt when I took it out cuz it was uncomfortable so please help!?

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    If you can see the tampon you did it wrong, you're supposed to be able to see the string not the tampon. It will feel kinda weird at first, but if you do it right it doesn't hurt and you can barley feel it. Use a light day one or regular those are smaller.

    Since its in wrong it's probably gonna be dry, which will burn and hurt like h*** when you pull it out. Go sit in a bathtub full of water for like 15 minutes then pull it out so it'll be wet and not dry. Even though it's bigger when it's wet, it doesn't hurt as bad to pull out.

    When I first started using them I was 17 I think. I laid on my bed and put it in using a mirror to see what I was doing and that helped a lot. (:

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    No, hon. It needs to go further up inside you. The tampon applicator has two parts. The top half holds the tampon and the bottom half is the plunger. You push the entire top half inside you, then stop, push the plunger down and then pull the applicator out. You shouldn't be able to see it at all, just the string.

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