Registered Dietitian considering move from U.S. to Australia or U.K.?

I'm a Registered Dietitian living in the SF Bay Area, Ca. I love my job, this field, and make a decent living. I would like to live abroad for approximately 1 year and work as an RD. I've searched high and low for answers on the web but to no avail. Any knowledge as to the requirements - re-registration, education, etc? Let me know. Thanks.

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    For Australia, if you're aged between 18 and under 31, you are eligible to apply for a 12 month Work and Holiday visa. On a W&HV, you can do any type of work but are only allowed to work for each employer for up to 6 months. Work and Holiday visa

    In Australia dietitians can apply to the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) for the Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) credential. They are required to undertake prescribed levels of professional development each year and comply with the DAA Code of Professional Conduct and Statement of Ethical Practice.

    Eligibility for APD status, current APD status or eligibility for full DAA membership is a prerequisite of many dietetic positions in Australia and APD status is required for a Medicare or Department of Veterans Affairs provider number and for provider status with many private health insurers. Recognition of Dietetic Qualifications

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    Registered Dietitian Australia

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    Let's assume for the moment that you can get a visa entitling you to work in Australia. That's a big issue, but it's not the one you're asking about here.

    You want to work *as a dietician*. It's all but impossible to find employment in this field unless you become an Accredited Practising Dietician, because neither the government nor health insurers will reimburse for services provided by a dietician who isn't an APD. The usual way of becoming an APD is to complete an accredited course in dietetics, and then join the Dieticians Association of Australia. "Accredited" here means accredited by the DAA, so all the accredited courses are courses in Australian universities. It's unlikely that the course you have completed is an accredited course.

    I suggest you contact the DAA ( and enquire whether they have any arrangements in place for recognising the qualifications of foreigh-trained dieticians. There may well be reciprocal arrangements whereby the registering bodies in the US and Australia recognise one another's standards and qualifications. If not, I'm afraid it will be very difficult for you to become an APD in Australia, and so very difficult to get work in the field.

  • Here in Australia you can only get in (usually) if your occupation is on the skilled occupation list. If it's not it'd be extremely difficult to come here (though I don't think completely hopeless)

    I don't see dietician or nutritionist on there which will make it extremely difficult to come here for work. I will give you a link The Dietician's Association of Australia anyway:

    Here's some more info:

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    You will have to apply to the Health Professionals Registration board, in the state of Australia that you want to practice in. You will also have to make sure that you have the right kind of visa, otherwise you will get nowhere.

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