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what moves in Brazilian jiu jitsu translate to wrestling?

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    Donald covered it pretty well. I did BJJ for about a year or so (maybe a bit more) and then I started wrestling and I was WAY better than any of the other new guys there, so obviously BJJ can be integrated into wrestling. Mostly the control and the coordination that grappling takes are the transferred skills. As I continued wrestling (and BJJ), I noticed a lot of the other new guys learning things a bit easier than I did. BJJ, in some ways, actually teaches you how NOT to wrestle! In BJJ, you typically turn into your opponent (to protect your back) and in wrestling you typically turn away from your opponent (to avoid pins). Once going one way is set in your mind, it can be difficult to go the other way.

    Source(s): Years of BJJ and some wrestling
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    I feel the need to say Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. If you become proficient at jiu-jitsu at an early age, you will already be good on the ground when you train for MMA. Ground work/submission fighting is something many fighters despise. However, many legendary fighters have come from wrestling. the fact of the matter is that both toughen you up and are better than nothing. BJJ classes can be quite expensive. Look into prices, and how far away classes are. It's all about convenience to you. Check out the classes to. You may not like it if BJJ is filled with idiots or if the wrestling instructor doesn't push you.

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    None, exactly.

    BJJ has some rudimentary takedowns, and lots of wrestlers use what they know in BJJ for takedowns.

    In BJJ, you have sweeps. Those are pretty much the equivalent to reversals in wrestling.

    In BJJ, while you'd prefer being on top, you can do plenty of things off your back. In contrast, in wrestling, you never want to be on your back. So the top game in BJJ might roughly correspond to wrestling--the control.

    Both use variations of hand fighting.

    Wrestlers bring a lot of their techniques to BJJ, but it's necessary to modify and enhance them for them to work in BJJ.

    Hope that helps.

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