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Why i cant fit in with people?

Im 14 , i was like a girl and i keep compliment her and she got creep out. And every of her friend know it and start to ignore me , her mom even say leave her daughter alone. Every of my friend is hate me , idk why i have being nice to people and they just treat me like trash. There a rumor around that im creepy and weird. I got no friends at all , i have before but now they turn away from me. My face really ugly and my eyes are small , im not playing any sport cause my parent work all the time. In the us i dont have much family relative or friend , i keep try to be friend with people but they dont accpeted me. What should i do in summer to improve myself? I have being nice , repsect and care to people and gorl but they just label me as a creep. Now i become mean , disrespect to all of them . What should i do please help? I know i have a lack of self confidence but i feel like im left out

Please dont judge my grammar im still learning english and work hard

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    __ Say hey man... I can see that things are kinda hard for You but don't give up. What You gotta do is be smart and do things that will help You make friends. #1- Keep being friendly and nice to the people around You. That will let them see that You truly are a good guy. #2- Since You don't get to do much after school Join a few clubs at school so at least You get the chance to hang-out with the other kids there. #3- Laugh & Smile... Don't be shy if someone tells a joke join in on the fun. And if a pretty girl that You like walks by just don't stare. Just give her a big smile and a friendly wave hello as You pass. It really is that easy. And You watch... After a little while the other kids will start to see that You are pretty cool and will want to hang-out with You. :) I promise. (I too, was the new kid once) So give it a try and You'll see that I'm right, 0k? Wishing You the best of luck! ~B0~

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