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I Have Been Hacked On Runescape Help me?

I have been playing runescape for a good 7 months , an it was my first day on runescape 3 today , I try to log on my account an my 2 Cos ( Crown Of Seasons ) , Full Zammy , Sara , and my 2 fish mask was gone, I thought the game was a little laggy cause of the new update an runescape 3 so I thought the items didn't load up yet, so I just reloaded the page an logged in again an when I did log on I went in my bank I notice it wasn't the game the items was actually gone.... :( .....then I found out who my true runescape friends were(which was none).....I just think its messed up how jagex can let other people hack your account that easily .... all these updates they have an people are still getting hacked.... its sad really how people really cant enjoy the game an have to be in fear of hackers an scammers plus I was f2p I had 70 woodcutting lvl do you know how many hours that took I never scammed nobody I worked hard an put in my hours an I ended up getting hacked .... no point of emailing jagex im pretty sure they wont do anything or cant do anything about it .....basically i typed all this because i honestly want to get my items back 40mil and i can get my 2 cos back all my armour an fm all im asking , its hard making cash in f2p , pking is even hard cause everybody teles .. if you are wiling to help me out in anyway pls leave your runescape name an i will contact you ... if your gonna say a bad comment pls do me a favor an don't comment i already had a bad day today don't have no more time for bs. Thanks in advance for everybody that will help me much appreciation .

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    Hey man I can see your having a pretty bad day and hope it all goes good soon. Now about the hacking thing it is unfortunate that you did get hacked but unless you know the person in real life its not worth trusting them with your password. My suggestion is start making money again. Do not bot or your account will get banned and its not worth it in my opinion. If you wanna talk about how to make money etc. I am willing to help you just email me. I dont play rs anymore so I doubt there is anything I myself can help you with. Just dont trust anyone with your info get a Jagex guardian and if you wanna chat more feel free to email me and I can help :).

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    Okay first off you need to Get jagex guardian, Only your computer can log onto your account do a virus scan, And delete any virus's there may be. Change your password make it complex that you can remember, Make sure you have recoveries. And jagex have made updates to prevent hacking you just havent turned them on =D And dont download any Unknown software The rsbot isnt worth the risk =p I have had personal Experience of botting and its not worth risking your account ive been hacked a few times but since i Activated jagx guardian made recoverys And Changed my password monthly i havent been hacked.

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    First, do a virus scan for your PC. Delete any malware.

    Next, change your password. Consider using a soft keyboard (basically an on-screen keyboard. You use your mouse to click the letters instead of typing it) to key in your password every time.

    Next, set a bank pin.

    Next, activate JAG.

    You won't be able to retrieve your hacked items though, since under Jagex's ToS, it is the responsibility of the account holder to ensure that their account is secure. You can try submitting a support ticket to Jagex though.

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    Just quit the game you f-cking 2013 prod.

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