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If Mars atmosphere were thicker?

Lets say Mars atmospheric pressure was 20x thicker than what it is now. How much would the day/night temperatures vary? They currently vary between 35 degrees F in the day and -100 degrees during the night according to Curiosities data. Would they vary less?

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    Even if Mars had an atmosphere 20x thicker than it currently does it would still pretty darned thin, about 12% of Earth's surface pressure. That said, it would tend to even out the temperature variation by retaining the sun's heat into the night and retaining the night's coolness (lack of heat) into the day. It would still vary significantly, just like it does on Earth, but it would do so to a lesser degree.

    This is what we see on Titan, one of the few rocky bodies in the solar system other than Earth that has a significant atmosphere. Venus takes this to the extreme, with such a thick atmosphere that is so incredibly hot and opaque that the surface temperatures are effectively constant over the entire surface of the planet, regardless of time of day or latitude (that is, the equator and the poles have nearly identical temperatures.)

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    It would still be only 1/5 as dense as Earth's atmosphere. But since the atmosphere of Mars is mostly CO2, the greenhouse effect would increase. It might even warm the planet enough for liquid water to form.

    If the atmosphere where 20x stronger the temp will increase.

    About 20 f prob

    Because if it is x2 Earths heights growing is 10 f a day 10x 2=20 so yea

    Source(s): My science teacher Common sense. And. a news report
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