What's the name of this movie?

What's the name of the movie where a guy that's in the military comes home to his wife and kid and is forced to run a bakery for his wife. He then competes with a neighboring coffee shop and at the end he has the choice to stay home or go back to the military and he chooses to stay home.

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  • 7 years ago
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    It's the Hallmark Original movie “Operation Cupcake”.

    Griff (Dean Cain) is an Army Colonel who returns home on a two month leave from Germany to decide whether or not he is going to stay in the military. His decision is based on if he is promoted or not.

    In the meantime. things have been tough with him being away from his wife and kids and Griff begins to feel like the black sheep in his own family. His wife Janet (played by Swanson) notices this and gives him the job of running her second bakery that she is just opening. With his military all the way mindset, Griff runs the bakery and with a series of mishaps almost runs it into the ground.

    Now his family is threatening to put him out of their lives forever if he doesn’t get his act together and fit in more with civilian life. Griff is determined to change his ways and save his family.

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