HELP! This Guy Acts Like He Sort Of Likes Me, Does He?

we are both 20, a good guy friend and i have this joke that we're happily married with kids, and we had a whole conversation about our kids name. he calls me "my wife" or darling or princess (inside joke) and sometimes i call him babe 'cause i call my girl friends babe and now he calls me babe too. we always do it in a very light hearted humourous kind of way. not a flirty sexual way.

he's not a flirt AT ALL. believe me, it's only 'cause i'm rubbing off on him that he flirts with me.

he said "my lap is yours whenever i'm with you! you're the only one!"; today we were texting i was like "broski" he's like "hubby>broski" and he corrected my text when i said broski again he was like "hubby*, just fixing that for u". like we never see each other cuz we live in different cities, different programs at school, and we have really no mutual friends. So after the beach my friends were saying despite us being friends it was still a big deal that we went just the two of us, which I didn't think so at first but now I'm not so sure lol.

the other day at the beach he was like "so when is Avery (our imaginary kid name LOL) going to happen?" and i laughed. but like when i tried to cuddle with him or ask for a piggyback ride he kept saying he'll do it and he didn't. at the beach we were waiting in line to buy ice cream he wanted a high 5 i wanted a hug then he ended up having his arms around me and I wrapped my arms around his waist, i was like "are you okay with cuddling?" he's like "yeah i am" very kind of "I don't really care either way" answer. only thing is i wans't sure if it was because i kept hinting at it or if he did it 'cause he wanted to. he seemed very nonchalant.

2 Answers

  • 7 years ago

    He sounds like a very shy guy who hasn't had much experience with relationships in the past, so he probably doesn't know what to do. But if I were doing the things he did and acting the way he has acted around you, I would assume that he likes you! Good luck :)

  • 7 years ago

    that's really cute and funny...your inside joke ;) buuut he sounds like he likes you! I mean...theres only one way to find out right? maybe hug him to him like two normal friends more! or bring up the subject that husband and wife kiss? I don't know...its kinda complicated what you tw have because you never know if he is joking or being serious. he seems suuuper comfortable with you so that's a good sign!

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