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How to make friends in high school?

im a shy girl in school and im goign to high school in september. i really want to make many more friends this year since i only have like few friends that wont be with me all the time. i have two bffs but i want more friends and i want to stop being a shy girl. people also make fun of me sometimes cuz im so quiet, :( palese helpn me

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    I'm going to high school also next year and im terrified. All i have to say is be confident, and don't be shy because if your shy and afraid it would really show and people will make fun of you for it. People like confident people, people who have pride in themselves but not full of yourself. They also like people who are fun and fun to be around. They don't like people who are boring and quiet (not that your boring). So if they see a fun, confident freshman i guarantee you will have many friends. Try introducing yourself to people, asking them questions about the school and how was there summer. if they see your really nice like that i bet you will have some friends by the time lunch comes :)

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    Work on your spelling!

    Join clubs, go to dances, write for the newspaper, get into drama, sports teams and so forth. Get involved in things you enjoy and the friendships will come. And keep in mind most of the kids you meet freshman year will have the same concern you do! So be a good friend and in every class you attend, there will be at least one girl who is desparately looking for a friend.

    You can be that person and have some great high school years. If you hang back, nothing will happen!

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    Keep asking questions, have study group for tests, join clubs, make friends through your best friends, be active

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    Just go out with the older guys and get ****** and youll have a lot of friends once everybody hears about it

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