What will help the burning?

My dog bit a hole in a pepper spray canister and I started coughing and it went away! 1 hour later I started working out and sweating then my face and my left arm started burning really bad and I washed my arm off just now and it still burns really bad? What will help it quit burning? P.S and my dog Scooby is ok!

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  • 7 years ago
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    The application of whole milk (which is rich is milk fat) to the inflamed will decrease the burning sensation. Milk can be applied in any manner that is convenient: A towel can be soaked in it and applied to the skin; it can be misted onto the skin with a spray bottle repeatedly, or dribbled from a cupped hand or a bowl. If milk isn't accessible, but another cold dairy product – such as full-fat yogurt or cream – is, it should be utilized instead.

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