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Looking to bulk up for football?

i'm 5'9 120 lbs and looking to put on some mass/muscle. how do i get it done?

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    Get in the weight room, exercise properly, eat healthy.. Your strength coach will probably have some suggestions for you as well... Good luck....

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    Im 5'9 140 Well I Was The Last Time I Weighed Myself And Ive Been Trying To Get Bigger Too. I Suggest Eat Good/Alot And Lift Thought The Week And Buy Some Protein Powder. But When You Hit The Weight Room Hit It Hard But Dont Over Do It Or Try To Be Cool And Lift Alot Of Weight Lift What You Can And Work Your Way Up And Make Gains.

  • Cu Tie
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    7 years ago

    Based on your height and weight, I believe that the best fit for you is at the wide receiver position. You have the ideal size for a high school wide receiver.

    My best advice for you is to work hard and perform very well in practice every day. In addition, what you need to do this (and every) summer is eat healthy, exercise by doing weight lifting, and either jogging or going for a long run every day. If you do these things, you will get faster, stronger, into better shape, and gain some muscle, which will greatly improve your chances of becoming a successful, top notch wide receiver in football.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Put in that work in the weight room at least 2 times a day drink protein its your best friend.

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