Is obama the antichrist?

The leader of the most powerful country in the world (USA); a 'man of peace' (Nobel Peace Prize); obtained the kingdom with flatteries; a descendant of Ceasar of the Roman Empire; related to Antiochus IV Epiphanes; seeking to change times and laws; has spread the wealth among the fattest places of the province (Wall Street Bailouts); was born on the 9th of AV, the 216th day of the year(1961); 1891 years to the day from the destruction of the Temple in 70AD. (1891 is the 61st triangular number), born in 1961 and came to power in Israel's 61st year; doesn't regard the god of his father or the god's of women (he is a secular humanist and doesn't regard any god over another); he's a master of the craft (lies and deciept); Jesus said he saw Satan as BARAK (lightning) fall from heaven (heights - BAMA); is the de facto ruler of modern BABYLON (Iraq); is a charismatic speaker; sheds the blood of the innocent (abortion advocate).

As far as 666 goes, no other current world leader comes close to the 666 value that his name is steeped in:

His first name, BARACK, by the simplest gematria is 36, the root of 666.

The composite English gematria of his given name is 1998, the triplet of 666.

The sum and difference of his alias, Barry Soetoro, equals 666.

The Greek Ordinal value of his given name is 234, which is the same as Lucifer. The Ordinal 6-6 value is 1404 in which HUSSEIN has a value of 666 and BARACK OBAMA has a value of 6+66+666!

The value of his alias Barry Soetoro 171 is the satellite value of the triangular number 666. THe triplet of 171 is 513, leaving a remaining core value of 153, the composite English Ordinal and Standard value of BARACK.

The value of his formal name, PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA (SECOND) = 1998, the triplet of 666!

The 70 year Biblical generation is coming to a close (2018 at the latest) since the reformation of the Jewish state of Israel in 1948.

What are the odds that all of these Biblical attributes and signs of the antichrist would culminate in one person at this particular time in history? How could it NOT be him?


@super lama. mabye obongo works for the devil then

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