Volunteering At A Nursing Home[:?

Hello. I had joined my local Nursing Home volunteer team a few day's ago.

I recieved my PPD 2 day's ago & will be getting it checked along with orientation tomorrow.

This is my first time, & I am a bit curious on certain thing's,hopefully you guy's can help me out.

1:What can I do to brighten their day?

2:What fun should I have with them?

3:What exactly will I be doing?

4:How does volunteering make you feel?

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  • 7 years ago
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    1 Just being there with them will cheer them up. Some people in nursing homes seldom have company. Ask them to tell you about themselves. They'll have interesting stories to tell and love to remember the days when they were young.

    #2 Other than visiting with them, the activities will probably already be planned.

    #3 You'll probably be doing things like calling Bingo numbers, or helping them "find" the numbers on their cards, playing dominoes with them, having a sing along, play catch with a large ball (while they sit in their wheelchairs), helping them do craft projects, passing out treats for a snack.

    #4 You'll feel great when you see the smile on their faces and they give you a hug when it's time for you to leave.

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