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I can't enjoy my life....?

Hey all.

This june i finished , at last, school. I'm ready for university! I passed My final exams and i should be happy that my results are making me able to go to the university i want. But i am not. All i think is how my life has passed, that my young years has passed and now the life won't be so joyfull... Idk ...Also i am not veery social person having difficulties making many friends. I have some but we are not like everyone else.lets say every person in my age or even 1-2 years smaller goes with driemds on clubs, having many friends, girls and boys... They go to the beach and stuff... But we're different. We just go to the cafè once a week and rarely to internet cafe... I think i can't and i don't enjoy life... I, in one summer never gone out with friends with any girl...wowo i feel my life aucks and i am wasting one of the best summers... Idk .can u suggest anything?

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    Hi. I am a 50 year old woman and when young I chose to party and avoid going to college full time. That means a lot of dead end jobs and now at my age I am struggling with an injury that I got from a dead end job. I had to do things to survive that I am not proud of.

    In contrast, my best friend turned her back on the party life and now she is a successful teacher with all her financial ducks in a row. She goes on nice holidays in the off times when not teaching.

    So you now, fun calm life later.

    I am still struggling and will be doing so for years to come.

    Source(s): Does the lives of my girlfriend and I open your eyes? I clearly hope so!!!!
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    Just be yourself and go out and socialize a bit, meet some new people. Maybe the mall or a movie, just try to find some new people you like. Even if that doesn't work a university may be the best place to meet life long friends so don't worry! It'll be ok in time, but don't be afraid to go out and explore! Good luck!

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