What acting coach or teacher has the best audio course in acting?

I am looking for the best lecture course in acting. Does anyone know who makes the best one? I have tried several video courses and they all are so 'theatrical' and feely-gooey-touchy, and I don't like the acting that I see that they come up with. I am looking for something new that I can just listen to that's logical and makes sense and has a lot of information! I already have an imagination. Thanks!

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  • 7 years ago
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    I know this is older and may be more "theatrical" than what you're looking for, but Uta Hagen was a MAGNIFICENT acting coach as well as an extremely talented actress. I love watching old lessons of her because she loves what she does and is extremely good at it. She's helped me with digging deeper into the world of acting and challenged in multiple ways that have done nothing but improve my style of acting.

    Some of her students include:

    Liza Minnelli

    Barbara Streisand

    Robert De Niro

    Whoopi Goldberg

    Sarah Jessica Parker

    Joy Behar

    Jerry Stiller

    Billy Crystal

    Matthew Broderick

    Sigourney Weaver

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