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Should I tryout or no?

So I'm a junor right now and I plan to play in a rec league this spring and fall but I think I wanna try out for my high school baseball team next year, my senior year and I wanna pitch bc I'm gunna learn to throw submarine. What would be the odds of me making the team as a pitcher throwing like that. Btw I havnt played baseball sence my freshmen year and I was out fielder

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    Ask yourself this question: "Will I regret it if I do not try out?" If you think that you might regret it, give it a shot. In the meantime, practice for accuracy to increase your chances.

    Good luck!

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    Yea dude try out. I wouldn't throw submarine. Although its good in games bc it messes with the batters heads. It can really mess up your arm and you don't throw as hard that way. For those reasons now high school coach will use u as a pitcher. Learn basic mechanics and learn a lot if junk pitches like curves, sliders, screwballs, change ups ect. Being an outfielder you prolly have an awesome arm. Show the coaches your speed

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    It's pretty unlikely but you could give it a try. It'd be a hilarious story.

    Just throw like that all the time, even when you are playing catch.

    They are not gonna pitch unless you can control like that. A lot of people can't control the ball throwing like that .

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