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Why are conservatives against abortions, but then after the baby is born turn around and don't believe?

in making sure the kid can get proper nutrition and healthcare. Why do you guys only care about the kid before it's born, but once it's born, it's on it's own and not help make sure the kid is happy and healthy?


There are some kids who can't help the situation they are in, like if their father ended up in prison over a drug offense or if the child loses their father at a young age. Also, sadly there are some adults who are not mature enough to have children, but they still do. I know the people who have the most children are the uneducated, though we aren't helping the kids enough who are in these situation.

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    Why do libtards ask questions and then fill in details based on false premises? Is it because absolute honesty and truth shatters the illusion of libtardation?

    The answer is yes.

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    Why don't the parents care? They don't need anyone's help to put the child up for adoption or take responsibility and care for the child properly themselves. Abortions aren't the answer to unwanted children, birth control is and self control is.

    If they put the child up for adoption as a baby, not only will it have an immediate home since people wait years on waiting lists to adopt newborns, but a lot of people would also pay for all their medical expenses and sometimes more.

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    planned parenthood is supposed to be about birth control and getting the message out about birth control. the kids that are born are helped with money from the government. they do get welfare, social security, health care, etc. some parents choose to use these things on drugs and other things for themselves, not all, but some. this has been proven over and over again. babies can be adopted. why doesn't a woman that has been raped or molested know by 5 months what she wants to do. most women know while in the hospital for the exam. planned parenthood has bragged about the killing of about 156 million babies. the nazis killed 60 million. boy have they out done them. and they are just as proud of their work and the nazis were of theirs.

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    Responsible adult married man and woman is what answers your question. There would be no need for abortions and the infant would get all the loving and nutrition and health attention possible. This is what conservatives want not that Liberal immorality that sells on most street corners.

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    Well growing up in a conservative family I can say that they really do care it's just that they believe that you have to do things on your own an you can't be babied. I think that sometimes Conservatives are a little harsh but sometimes liberals let their kid to whatever they want and end up not very well off. Conservatives are harsher but it pays off in the long run. It teaches you to work. Liberals are fun in the beginning, but I don't feel that they prepare kids well enough. I really wish parents would have their kids grow up in an environment somewhere in the middle but leaning conservative.

  • Great point and as you know they only care about promoting their oppinions not in the actual outcome of all that comes from forcing their personal convictions upon a person.

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    Sounds like you take from others because you won't provide for yourself. Why should you, Obama says its OK to take from other people that worked hard for their money.

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    many single mothers on welfare spit out one baby after another by different fathers. As long as we keep supporting every one they spit out, they will keep on having them

    Those of us who work and pay for our own children stop having them if we feel we can't afford any more

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    nutrition huh? i'm pretty sure obama signed the monsanto protection act. just sayin...

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    I don't see what's wrong about thinking a mother should race her kids...

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