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hi, could this be the largest number possible?

i am only in high school and just came across an idea

could this be the largest number possible

two people in my theory; a and b

the number of time it takes 'a' to cut off 'b' is the largest number possible

a can only cut 1 head at a time

b starts with 2 head, but grows a finite amount of heads every time a cuts off 1 head

b can grow 0 to any finite number below infinite by random chance

the amount of heads a has to cut before cutting all of b's head is the largest number possible..

because b is bound to grow 0 heads rarely.. and therefore a gets 1 head down

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    Enormously difficult to understand your example. As for the idea of "the largest number ever" the answer is that there is no finite number for which no greater finite number exists. That is to say for any very large finite number n, there always exists a number m such that m=n+1. In laymans terms I can always think of a finite number greater than any number you can think of. Therefore there is no such thing as "the largest number ever."

    I think ultimately what you tried to do is define one set to be finitely larger than an infinitely growing, finite set. In calculus this is used in the convergence of series. However to address the "largest number ever" idea it still uses infinity which is not a number. Think of it this way, at no point could you NOT perform the operation n+1 on a finite number n, therefore at no point could you arrive at a point where there is not a greater finite number.


    There is a number called a googolplex, which is possible the largest number ever named. It is a number defined to be 1 followed by a googol number of 0's, where a googol is 1 followed by 100 0's. If you wrote each digit of a googleplex in a volume the size of a planck cube (the smallest identifiable volume) you still could not write a google plex in the visible universe.

    Infinity represents a concept not a number, and thus, it also does not answer the question "the greatest number ever."

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