After AIT do I fly or drive to first duty station?

Is there a choice? Does it depend of if I have a vehicle I am planning on bringing with me? If I do have a vehicle do I need to drive it down and bring all of my things with me? If I don't have one, how do I get all of my things there?

Just want to figure everything out before the last minute, not sure if I'll be buying another car before I go to my first duty station or after. I won't be bringing much though since I'll be in the barracks.

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  • Bill
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    7 years ago
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    You won't be able to make this kind of decision until you know precisely where your first duty station is.

  • Greco
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    7 years ago

    These guys just don't understand planning ahead.

    You'll have a briefing on transportation before you leave AIT. You can either fly or drive. If you're planning leave after AIT to go home you can fly there, get your car and stuff and drive to your duty station. You'll get travel pay and allowances from post to post based on the mileage. So how you split it is up to you. If you get an overseas assignment its about the same, but you can ship a car and you have to drive it to a port. Also the travel pay is just to where you fly out of.

    It's pretty much tailored to your circumstances.

  • AJ
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    7 years ago

    Well if you are being stationed in the States, then you will need to drive so you have your car with you.

    As far all all your other stuff, you can have it semi packed at your parents house and then arrange through the Army for movers to pick up your stuff and ship it down to where you are at.

  • 7 years ago

    depends where it is.

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