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what does 6,4,3 in baseball mean?

when short stop throws to 2nd base and gets him out then throws to 1st base and gets him out

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    Defensive scorekeeping. Every defensive position is assigned a number, 1 to 9, and every position that touches the ball is credited in the scoring.

    A 6-4-3 means the ball was first touched by the shortstop, then the second baseman, and finally the first baseman. (It doesn't have to be handled effectively; even if it glances off a player's shin, and I've seen that, it gets noted in the scoring.)


    1 - pitcher

    2 - catcher

    3 - first baseman

    4 - second baseman

    5 - third baseman

    6 - shortstop

    7 - left fielder

    8 - center fielder

    9 - right fielder


  • Sean M
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    7 years ago

    6-4-3 refers to the positional numbers for the Shortstop, Second Baseman & First Baseman

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    Double play, Those numbers are the positions they are in.

  • 7 years ago

    6,4,3. SS(6) to 2nd(4), to 1st(3).

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