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What does it mean when you pee a lot?

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    Well, it could mean many things. To list a few:


    -You drank some type of liquid in excessive amounts

    -Kidney Stone Blockage -Typically accompanied by some pain though..

    -Medication such as Lasix and diuretics can cause more urination

    -Urinary condition/syndrome

    -Diabetes - You naturally drink more than normal without even realizing it.

    Etc.. The list goes on and on. We would need more detail..

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    pee can come from foods you are eating too because even dry toast can create SOME minute amounts of 'pee' ... if you feel your bladder is filling and emptying fully but you just pee a lot could you be pregnant?... could you have a bladder infection or urinary tract infection?.. sometimes those can make you feel like you have to pee bad then you only go a little.

    so do you mean a 'lot' as in quantity or just often.

    I'd say you kinda have to think about the cause before you can figure out an answer. If you are pregnant, it only gets worse lol.

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    What does it mean when you pee a lot?

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    You drink a lot of water.

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    Maybe get checked for an enlarged prostate.

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    feeling relaxed and drinking a lot of liquids.

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