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A question about dowry's..?

This country at one time offered a man interested in another man's daughter, the chance of having financial gain, at the time of marriage, which dwindled down to a hope chest, if even that anymore. It appeared to attract the best man going, by the family of the woman. This incentive to have what the woman was worth, material/money wise. What happened to that? Do men wish that women came with a dowry, once again? A large hope chest? Would it give more incentive these days for men to marry, or does it matter? It certainly couldn't hurt, right?

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    Dowry or Dower still exists. At least in America. In some states in America, if a husband and wife own property jointly a wife's Dower interest is a type of ownership equal to 1/3 interest in the whole. In all deeds in America a wife has to release her dower or it is an Un-transferred interest in the transfer.

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    The man's estate would have to be as substantial as - though usually larger than- the woman's dowry.

    Poorer folk may only have a few chickens, pigs or a cow as dowry but no-one showed up empty handed in an 'arranged' marriage.

    A large chest? Good enough for me...

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    Dowry is one of the worst old customs of the society that has gotten good riddance. If the custom restarted it could take down a lot of civilization with it.

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    If a bride brings into the marriage her own bass amp and guitar, surely that must be enough.

    Although ideally she should have her own bow and dirk as well. Because that kind of forward-looking women is a keeper.

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