Beta gamma course / Tomas sedlacek ?

I have read an article about a guys life and spiritual journey . It is a very interesting article :

There were lots of things that have caught my eyes , but there was one , that really got me interested !

In the first couple of sentences he mentions a course named "beta gamma" which deals with many different sciences and how they are connected .

This really interest me , since I like to read and learn about different things , more importantly how they are interconnected !

Psychology , philosophy , sociology , economics , ethics, history, politology , literature , theology and lots of other subjects interest me , but my goal is not to be a professor of any of these , but to be able to understand the basics (maybe more) of these sciences and be able to look at things through the perspective of each one of these and making my own picture of how/why/etc things happened .

I have read a great book from Tomas sedlacek , whose knowledge in many fields has just really amused me and it was incredible how as an economist he uses ( and as he shows all economists should have ) this knowledge to see things in many perspectives enabling him to show pros and cons of many things .

I am going to university to study economics and management , but I have had experience in an other university where they have thought mainstream economics , which was just purely unrealistic .

I want to study in my spare time this .

Is there a science/subject/book/online course that deals with the interconnection and complexity of such ?

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  • 7 years ago
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    yes you can get books online i prefer you to get them through torrents

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