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How can I be less upset about this?

You all probably know I volunteer in a nursing home. But my resident friend who became a good friend of mine just got told he has to leave for good. He's leaving August 1st which is Thursday next week. To add to this two other sweet residents are being forced to leave too next Monday. One only speaks Spanish and barely understands english but he knows some. He really can't fend for himself. But he is such a sweetie. The other guy is a sweetheart also. I'm like really sad. The only thing is I'm happy that these three are going to the same place and I told my resident friend that he has to make sure one of them is his roommate. I'm just so sad. I feel like crying honestly. My resident friend is such a sweetheart especially to me (plus we talk on the phone too)

How can I be less upset about this? 3 of my favorite residents have to leave the nursing home where I volunteer, it won't be the same :(

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    Everything comes in 3's doesn't it? I once had 3 friends move the same week. It was rough.

    Focus right now on the time you have. If you can spend time with them. Get them a going away gift. Make it personal & write down how you feel about them, why you will miss them & make sure to add personal memories. Try hard not to not get over emotional. It is ok to cry a little but remember you don't want them to feel bad about something you can't control.

    Once they leave grieve in your own. If you can keep in touch with Facebook or just on the phone. Schedule when to see them again if possible.

    Once you grieve take a new step to bring new friends into your life. They won't replace the ones you lost but don't shut yourself off so you don't get hurt again. This is what I did after losing 3 friends in one week. A huge mistake. I'm just now learning to take down that wall.

    Think about the new people you will meet & try to feel excited about it.

    So sorry about this. I know it hurts.

    Source(s): homeschooling mom of 3- moved a lot as a kid & teen always lost friends to moving. As a new mom 3 friends & their families move to different states the same week. Broke my heart. They were my only close friends at the time.
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