Why wouldnt this store let me return an item?

I recently bought a hair straightening iron from Marshalls. I took it home and it wasn't working. It wouldn't heat up and I had it turned on high, so I went back to the store and asked if I could get a new one. The lady looked at the box and said "No you ripped open the box, we cannot return this". I told her that it's defected but she said I have to keep it. She said that a straightner is an electronic and that if I ripped open the box I cannot return it. I had the receipt but she wouldn't take it back. I thought that if an item is defected then they have to give a new one or give back money? I was very upset bc I spent $50 on it and it doesn't even work.

2 Answers

  • Call the company that made the product for a refund/new one but you should talk to the manager at mashalls no one else but the manager

  • 7 years ago

    I would tear that store apart or curse every ***** in there out until they returned my money or gave me a new flat iron **** allat you was 2 polite , & u still had the reciet ? Thats crazy

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