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do i have to pay to be a motocross sponsor?

i wanna be in motocross do i have to pay?

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    In what capacity do you "want to be in motocross" ?

    Do you want to ride or pay for someone else to display your company name / brand / product etc ?

    If its the 2nd :

    sponsor [ˈspɒnsə]


    1. a person or group that provides funds for an activity, esp

    a. a commercial organization that pays all or part of the cost of putting on a concert, sporting event, etc.

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    A sponsor, in any sport or activity usually involves supporting an individual or group in some way, with equipment, support or financially. For example for Motox you might pay for a new bike, or a racing glove maker supply a set of gloves when needed, a local bike shop might offer a discount on tires and a local petrol station supplies some fuel for racing. The list is endless as a rider can be sponsored for anything he needs.

    Holding a flag on race day or collecting money at the main gate is voluntary work and not sponsorship, it is different.

    A lot of older guys, me among them, still remember the racing days and a lot do a bit of sponsoring of guys needing a little support and help along the way.

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    i use mxsponsor. Search them up. Sign up upload movies of you riding and pictures of you and your bike together etc. Fill out your mx history. You get sponsors and you get discounts. But you need to pay to race motocross. The price of the bike and all the equipment. Sponsors help with equipment prices. And then you need to change parts on your bike. Piston every 55 hours. Oil every 5 to 7 hours etc... It costs hundreds of thousands by the time u can be a pro. But u can race amateur races.

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    If you want to sponsor somebody all you need to do is help them out when they need something like riding gear, like something simple like riding gloves, boots, helmet. Show up at your local MX track and voluteer to be a course flag man or help out at entrance gate.

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