I've had unprotected sex 5 times during ovulation and can't get pregnant ! Why?!?

I'm 16 and PLEASE don't lecture me on why I should't be having kids at this age .. it's irrevelant . The only thing I can think of is that we might have black mold and a sign is infertility but i don't know . I get my period regular every month , which I know has nothing to do with being fertile . Thanks! Oh and by 5 times I mean in different months , not back to back

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    7 years ago
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    it is not my job to lecture you on your age because that is your right.

    i can advise you wait because ill tell you now, you have a lot of growing up to do... i only realise this now that im 24 i am a diff person to when i was 16. Also you have so much you should want to do before that, travel! :)

    but anyway to answer your question

    You have done your research so thats great, but having a regular period cycle is actually a very good sign :) If you ovulate and u have a 28 day or regular cycle then there is probably nothing to worry about.

    Black mould is very dangerous to yoru health and i reccomend you get rid of it ASAp not just for your current fertility but for your future fertility and general health! its deadly!!!!

    I had black mould and had an ectopic pregnancy i cant be sure they are linked but still...it will always be in my mind now. have it removed or MOVE...trust me. not worth it.

    The average couple can take 6 months to concieve. So i wouldnt worry just yet :)

    Some people perfectly healthy can take a year.

    Let nature run its course

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    6 years ago

    Now everyone can cure infertility using this natural remedy http://pregnancyhelps.info/

    infertility can run in the family and one of the first things the doctor asks you when you go to a fertility clinic is your family history regarding cases of infertility or other reproductive issues.

    If infertility is caused by genetic disorder then it's not unusual that one of the kids (your mom) doesn't have it and another does (your aunt).

    two months of trying is still to early to be concerned about the fact that you might be infertile and it's also quite early to go to a fertility specialist. Go to a regular Obgyb to get a closer insight and see what ways there are are to improve your fertility rate.

    Also remove alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes from your life because they might influence your chances too. Stress is also a risk factor when it comes to infertility.

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    6 years ago

    If you can be pregnant or if you have infertility problems I reccomend to follow this method http://pregnancy.toptips.org/

    Many factors can cause a couple trouble in conceiving a baby, I'll list a few of the most common ones in women:

    Anorexia or other dietary dysfunctions

    Lacking amounts of FSH and LH are produced, so ovaries aren't as functional as they could be, and so not many eggs are produced

    Stress, causing periods to become irregular

    Medications such as cancer treatments,antidepressants, hormone therapy, pain killers, and antipsychotic drugs can all cause temporary infertility.

    With the method that I posted above you will be able to get pregnant!

  • 7 years ago

    Maybe because you aren't actually ovulating on those days. Sperm can live in you for 3-5 days, remember that. So, if you want a kid &

    You are ready for one then try having sex 3 days before you ovulate & a day after you ovulate.

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  • 7 years ago

    Oh gun wait till you are at least 21... do you not want to see your friends? Be a teen? Trust me if you have a kid your friends will be gone. They will be out partying having fun. They will forget about you. They may say they won't but it will happen. If you are old enough to go into a bar and drink legal then u are not old enough to have a baby

  • 7 years ago

    I'm in the same boat as you . I'm 16 had sex 13 times while I was ovulating , I felt pregnant, even took tests and they all came out negative and for my period a day early with spotting . But I feel like.I can't get pregnant but have a gut feeling that I am . Idk :(

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