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Ear Infection for 3 days? Help?

So about a week ago I woke up with ear pain and a clogged ear. Shortly after it began, it subsided and went away for a week but the clogged ear remained. Then, 3 days ago I woke up with a horrible ear ache and yellowish watery fluid that was leaking out of my ear that had a horrible odor. I went to see the Doc and he perscribed me an Anit biotic for 10 days and said it was an ear infection. This is almost the end of the 3rd day and the pain isn't so bad, but my ear is still really plugged and fluid keeps draining although now the fluid is really think and mucus like. Is that a good thing that it's draining? I leave for vacation on Friday so I'm hoping it'll be somewhat better by then! Thanks

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    You have a condition called "serous otitis media", it basically means you have an inner ear infection with drainage coming out of your ear. Your doctor did the right thing giving you antibiotics for 10 days, make sure you continue taking the antibiotics until it's all gone. You should feel good as new by day 5 of antibiotics. It'll get better, don't worry.

    You can take NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen for any pain/fever that you have if you're having it.

    Source(s): I am a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
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