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I've had sex 5 times during ovulation and I can't get pregnant.. Why?!?

I'm 16 and PLEASE don't lecture me on why I should't be having kids at this age .. it's irrevelant . The only thing I can think of is that we might have black mold and a sign is infertility but i don't know . I get my period regular every month , which I know has nothing to do with being fertile . Thanks!

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    Shows.what ypu know a.regular period is a sign of fertility.

    Your age is a.factor though. Clearly your body isnt ready.

    Some women try for months before concieving also ovulation isnt an exact.science

    No doctor will check you for infertility until your an adult.and its been more than a year.

    Your too ypung for.a.baby anyway how do ypu plan to support it. Daddy wont be staying with u

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