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Meeting my family at US Canada Border?

I need a place to see my family on the border of Canada. preferably close to the northwest. Immigration issues and the bureaucracy involved has kept us separate and I wish to see them on a place on the border where I can at least hug my mother over the border.I need a place to see them where we don't have to cross to either side. I need a LEGAL solution. Ive seen pictures of a painted line where people have one foot in canada and one in the US.

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    What kind of 'immigration issues' do you have that neither of you can cross the border? If your mother can't cross into Canada... then you can visit the US (or opposite). I know of no 'immigration issues' or 'bureaucracy' which would prevent both sides from not being able to cross the border baring serious criminal records. Does everyone in the family have a serious criminal record?

    In any case... if you are in the north west, go visit the Peace Arch crossing. It's just south of Vancouver along the Surrey/Blaine border. It is along I-5. It is right next to the Peace Arch border crossing. It is an International Provincial and State Park. There is a common area (several acres) which anyone is free to enter -- you just can't exit the other side without clearing the other country's immigration. There are picnic tables, gardens, tours, etc. Your family can meet there all they want.

    In addition, if you phone ahead to any large Canadian Border Services / US Border Services crossing point and make arrangements, they'll be fine allowing you to meet within the building.

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    Which one is in Canada and which is in the US? Assuming that you and your family are in the country legally you would have to have either a green card or the Canadian equivalent. For residents in the US a green card is sufficient ID to leave and return across the US border. The only barrier to crossing would be if you were refused entry due to a criminal record by either country.

    I realize that certain information is confidential and should not be shared on a forum such as this however the question itself creates more questions than answers. Living here on the west coast we have Peace Arch Park which, as a previous answer stated, is a park shared by Canada and the US and exists between both country's border services region. It is highly monitored but last time I was there you could enter the park from both sides of the border and return to your respective country. You may have to provide ID however as long as both parties are legally residing in their respective countries you could meet in a place like this.

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    As another Answerer tells you but does not answer completely the place is actually Derby Line, Vermont, where the international border goes right through the library. It is the location which is occasionally in the news for such meetings. Is it you or your mom who is not acceptable and is it Canada or the US which is denying you entry?

  • SteveN
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    I'm afraid that even if you found a spot where you are close enough to touch each other, if you were to hug each other, you may actually be breaking the law. Some part of you or your family is technically reaching across into the other person's country to accomplish that hug.

    I'm not saying the guards will arrest you, but I have heard weirder stories. There's a fellow in Maine or Vermont (can't remember which) who owns a property on the Canada-US border. His house is in USA, but to leave his property, he has to take a road that is situated in Canada. Legally, he is supposed to call the CBSA and get approval to enter Canada, and then check in at the nearest lawful port of entry just to leave home!!

    Your best town to try to see each other is in Stanstead (QC) and Derby (VT). That's the town where the border goes pretty much through the downtown core.

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    Harvey Road WA and 0th Avenue BC

    I suspect hugging is not allowed, nor passing objects, but I presume you could at least legally wave and talk across a few yards.

    I have no idea how miuch the US border guys monitor that area, but 0th Avenue is a perfectly normal road you can drive down with the border on one side marked by occasional posts.

    Peach Arch park is right on the border on the highway. I've no idea what is involved in going there - the website says "may have to provide ID".

  • Randy
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    There is no neutral groind and any painted line is just a tourist gimmick and has no legal status. People can photograph themselves at any such line all they want but its not a free zone. In fact, the US considers anything within 100 miles of one of their boarders to be an area where immigration has enhanced authorities. I suggest you all get your legal issues resolved or contend yourself with skype.

  • Anonymous
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    Certainly not in the northwest, but Derby Line, Vermont has a border line like you describe.

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    sort the issues out and get legal u will be in one country or the other.

  • C.M. C
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    2ta, from memory you can't, once of you will need to cross the boarder.

    What painted line, I have been to three boarders, and never come across a painted line like the US/Mexican boarder.

    What are the legal restraints?

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