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Do Veterans HAVE to serve as an FBI field agent for 2 years before going onto an FBI local SWAT team or HRT?

Are Veterans able to transfer over onto FBI SWAT teams or HRT directly after training? May you also explain the FBI SWAT/HRT Selection and training process as well? I would appreciate no rude comments, I am only curious on this subject. Thank you in advance for any answers. Have a good day!

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    FBI Swat and HRT are still FBI agents. Vet status, even if SF or Seal means little.

    Agents assigned to those teams, or any other special teams, still do their normal agent work. Not a permanent assignment.

    Unlike on TV there is not much use for them. They take a real long time to respond. The 7 offices that have such teams are in major cities and do not need to call upon FBI for assistance. They are mostly used for predetermined actions, often weeks in the planning before their bosses screw the whole thing up.

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