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Joan asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 7 years ago

I can trade picks in my fantasy league should I do this trade?

I already traded 3 and 18 for 10 and 11. Should I trade 11 and 23 for 4 and 37. My top picks would be 4 10 37 38 43

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  • 7 years ago
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    Thats a really interesting trade for you. On the one hand you will lose balance, but on the other 2 top 10 guys, one being in the top 5! What happens is you could get Jamal Charles/Doug Martin and a guy like T. Rich, A. Morris, Calvin Johnson (if he falls). Or with 10/11 you probably get a RB/WR combo. I would take a top 3 WR with my 11 pick after a top 10 RB. It really depends on who goes off the board there from 23-37. Imagine this with the trade:

    1 Martin/Charles

    2 Richardson/Morris

    3 Fitzgerald/ Andre Johnson/Victor Cruz(cross your fingers) or V. Jax/Nelson/Colston/Bowe/Wayne

    4 Fitzgerald/ Andre Johnson/Victor Cruz(cross your fingers) or V. Jax/Nelson/Colston/Bowe/Wayne

    5 Newton/Brady/Wilson/Kapernick/Ryan/RG3 or V. Jax/Nelson/Colston/Bowe/Wayne

    then wait on a QB Like Brady/RG3 (I have seen both fall this far) or Romo/Stafford/Luck (all will have very decent seasons, Romo slight best over Stafford)

    I would go RB/RB with those picks and stack up with 37, 38, 43. by looking ahead at the 39,40,41,42 picks you can gauge what direction your competition will go and get some real talent at that spot. Alot of great players can fall in those locations giving you a really strong core. If you play flex guys like Lamar Miller, L. Bell, Bush will be around. I think if you play Flex must grab RB/RB and do the trade. Only C. Johnson with the 10 pick can replace a RB and even then I take a RB.

    Source(s): I am a fantasy Champ
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  • 7 years ago

    You get a top 5 player and a top 10 player then get some really good picks at 37 38 43.


    You get a top 10 player plus an 11 with a guy who could slip so let's say two top 10 players a 23 38 and 43

    I would keep what you have just because your overall team would just be a little more well rounded. It could be kinda hard to get some solid players with waiting from 10 to 37 a lot of players are gonna go off the board. I'd keep your picks you have now.

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