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What kind of medicine cures parvo?

My dog was diagnosed with an intestinal infection. I was wondering if it might be parvo since I don't know if they tested for that. Would the meds they gave her for her infection cure parvo? She's still not eating. We just started giving her the med yesterday. Should I just wait and see if she gets better by being on this med?

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    No meds "cure" parvo - like the flu, it's something that supportive care is provided to help the dog combat it.

    Care can range from complete hospitalization with IV support for hydration, antibiotics to prevent secondary infection, and anti-emetic meds to a similar home care kit if the case doesn't seem too severe, and the owner is comfortable giving subcutaneous fluids.

    The problem with parvo is it attacks puppies with undeveloped immunity causing dehydration and leaving them open to secondary infection. Hypoglycemia, especially in toy breeds, is also a danger.

    How old is your dog? Parvo is usually seem in pups younger than 4 months, though it can occur in older dogs - but it's relatively rare since it's also part of the normal vaccination protocol. Older dogs, unless their immunity is suppressed, tend to have milder symptoms, or even no symptoms.

    If your dog is older, and it was a vet who did the diagnostic, I'd trust the vet's diagnosis unless you feel something severe was missed. If she doesn't show improvement in the timeframe the vet told you - or if you weren't given one - call the vet, ask how long it should take for you to see signs she's improving.

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    Your vet would surely know parvo from an infection -- if you have any doubts, CALL THEM.

    The only treatment for parvo is hydration, i.v. at the vet's. You don't say how old your dog is, but adult dogs are pretty much immune to parvo, it is a disease of unvaccinated puppies.

    Your dog should have had all her vaccinations if she's adult. In any case, most adult dogs have some immunity to parvo because parvo is so prevalent just about anywhere dogs go, so dogs build up immunity - it is the puppies that are liable to parvo since they have no immunity until the third, and last series of puppy vaccinations.

    If you have ANY actual fear that your dog has parvo, get her to the vet now as her only chance would be i.v. hydration. Parvo sloughs off the lining of the stomach, literally. Symptoms are vomiting and bloody diarrhea, lethargy.

    Just because she's not eating can be due to the meds she's getting - CALL THE VET to discuss this.

    You can try giving her plain boiled rice with some chicken or chop meat mixed in to try to get her to eat. I wouldn't worry about her not eating for a day or two, but call your vet and tell them all this.

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    NOTHING "cures" parvo

    its a virus, and there's very few antiviral meds on the market. For viral infections, you pretty much treat the symptoms until the virus rides itself out.

    For parvo, preventing dehydration is the key. Most puppies die of dehydration, not the parvo virus itself. That is why they almost need to be at the vet with IV fluids.. they vomit and have diarreah, there's not really any other effective way to retain fluids than right into the bloodstream.

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    you have to take it to the vet and have it quarantined. Home treatment fails.

    It never eases to amaze me that people will get dogs, refuse to take them to the vet and quarantine them and think they can magically cure parvo at home and end up with a dead dog

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