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please rate 1/10 if you dont want to just watch the promos for last three and tell me if you like it

1 Cody Rhodes vs Goldust

Dusty Rhodes ref

Dusty Rhodes screws Goldust to become his new manager

2 8-man Elimination match

The Intercontentia /United States Unification Championship match

1 Sheamus

2 Curtis Axel ( Heyman Faction )

3 Antonio Cesaro

4 Wade Barret

5 Mark Henry


7 Damian Sandow

8 Ryback ( Heyman Faction )

3 AJ vs Paige

Divas Title


4 Alberto del Rio vs Rey Mysterio

Mask vs Destiny

If Alberto wins rey mysterio gets unmasked but if Rey wins del rio never has the opportunity again to become World Champion again

5 Heyman Faction vs Wyatt Family

Heyman Faction Wyatt Family

1 Dean Ambrose 1 Bray Wyatt

2 Roman Reings 2 Luke Harper

3 Seth Rollings 3 Erick Rowan

4 Kassius Ohno 4 R-truth

5 Big Show 5 Kane

6 Chris Jericho vs Daniel Bryan

Submission Match

7 Dolph Ziggler (heel) vs Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship

I chose Dolph Ziggler because he can wrestle like shawn and has the cockyness of HHH

And HHH brings A lot of prestige to the WHC and it will skyrocket Zigglers career

8 The Undertaker vs John Cena

I Quit Match


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Undertaker makes cena tap out ,and cena says I quit for the first time in his life

Cena cant believe he actually said it,Undertaker tombstones him at the end


9 Stonecold Steve Austin vs CM Punk


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10 Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs The Rock

WWE championship NO DQ

Guest referee Vince McMahon

After the heyman faction has been dominating everything in the WWE, Brock becomes champion and is dominating everyone. He feels like no one can defeat him he says the person who wins the rumble is a deadman, at the rumble entrance number 30 The Rock Returns and wins the rumble Brock F-5s The Rock and the heyman faction beats up the rock. Vince says that he will be referee to have no interference from the Heyman faction.


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In the match The Rock Rock Bottoms Brock for the third time he goes for the pin 1….2…everything goes black

Cena has the Rock in the AA And he lands it then drags Lesnar’s arm to the rock

A confused vince McMahon smiles and counts 1…2…3

Brock Retains and Cena becomes heel

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    Jericho vs Bryan in a submission match is probably the most creative match on this card. I think the "Heyman Faction" thing kills it.

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    I would give yours a 7. Heres mine -

    Wrestlemania 30

    At the superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

    National Anthem by Alicia Keys.

    Live performance by Drake: Started From the Bottom.

    Match Card

    1. Divas championship 6-battle royal = Beth Phoenix vs Natalya vs AJ vs Alicia Fox vs the Bella's.

    Match ends when the Bella's use twin magic so AJ hits Bree with the Black Widow and Nikkei hits the Face Buster.

    2. Tag Team Titles match = Randy Orton and Big Show vs Mark Henry and Sheamus. Randy and Big Show win after Big Show overpowers his Brogue kick with the WMD. Mark then hits a Worlds Strongest Slam on Big Show. Randy then hits the RKO, but Sheamus is waiting for another Brogue kick. Randy dodges and hits another RKO to win.

    3. Submission match for Intercontinental Championship = Daniel Bryan vs The Miz. The Miz wins after reversing his LeBell Lock into Figure Four for the win.

    4. Mexican pride match = Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio. Alberto wins after Rey hits a 619 on Sin Cara. He then goes for a leaping Senton when Ricardo pulls his injured leg letting Alberto have enough time for a Cross Armbreaker.

    5. 3 on 2 Handicap Tornado Hell in a Cell match = The Shield vs Brothers of Destruction. Brothers of Destruction win after The Shield tries to triple Powerbomb Undertaker, but he reverses with a triple Hells Gate which allow Kane to recover and nock ambrose out the cell. They then set up for a double Tombstone through the top of the cell.

    6. Singles match for WWE Chairman = Vince McMahon vs Paul Heyman special ref Barack Obama. Heyman wins after a fake interference by Curtis Axle which sets up Heyman for a Roll Up.

    7. GM spot = Heyman Guy (CM Punk) vs The McMahon Family (Triple H). Triple H wins after catching CM Punk from a Cross Body and mid air Pedigrees him. This sets up an awkward situation as Heyman won earlier.

    8. World HeavyWeight Championship singles match = Brock Lesnar vs Ryback. Match ends when Ryback tries a Shell Shock but is reversed as he's flipped him over for a F-5

    9. Singles match for U.S. Championship = Fandango vs Christian. Fandango wins after Christian tries for a Kill Switch and Fandango reverses with a Swinging Reverse STO. He then hits a Leg Drop for a 2-0 record.

    10. WWE Championship six man ladder match = John Cena vs The Rock vs Dolph Ziggler vs returning Jeff Hardy vs Chris Jericho vs RVD. Jeff Hardy wins after Dolph hits a Zig Zag on The Rock. He then sees John Cena climbing up, Whisper in the winds him, holds on to ladder, and gets the title.

    Source(s): My mind.
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