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I want to volunteer at a hospital, where should I go?

Hi, I'm 13 years old and I really want to volunteer at a hospital and be with children durring the day. I am very good with children, and for some odd reason, most of them instantly love me (sorry I sound conceited but it's true). Some of the hospitals near me are Salem [massachusetts] Hospital, Union Hospital in Lynn, and Boston Children's Hospital (sort of). I go to Salem Hospital every two weeks for therapy (I have depression, although I am doing much better now that school is out). I babysit nearly every weekend, and I assist a young children's dance class, ages 4-6.5. Would I be able to volunteer to work with young children, about toddler age? I have experience with children 10 weeks (my nextdoor neighbors child) thru 8.5. I REALLY want to work with them and have for a long time!!!!!!!!!

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    The very first thing you should do is to visit the hospital that you want to volunteer and inquire their qualifications and inform them that you really want to volunteer and help the youngsters.

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