What is the boat clearance of the Bridgeview Bridge over the Clinton River in Harrison Township, MI?

How tall of a boat will fit under the Bridgeview Bridge on the Clinton River in Harrison Township, MI ?

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  • 7 years ago
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    It is 21 feet Re: current NOAA navigational charts.

    As you probably know, that "historic" bridge is no longer there.

    The new Bridgeview Street Bridge (fixed) @ 42°35'47"N., 82°49'34"W. has an overhead clearance of 21 feet.

    Here is the NOAA navigational list of overhead Structures across Clinton River to Mount Clemens Re: U.S. Coast Pilot 6, Chapter 8, page 267

    Bridgeview Street Bridge (fixed) 21 feet

    Market Street Bridge (fixed) 14 feet

    Cass Avenue Bridge (fixed) 20 feet

    South Broadway Bridge (fixed) 15 feet

    Gratiot Avenue Bridge (fixed) 14 feet

    PS. I love this place - from St Clair Shores to the Clinton River and "Fish Town" (Leland, MI) are two of my favorite stops on America's Great Loop.


  • 7 years ago

    I don't know how helpful this is going to be to you, but the only reference I could find was in a chat room where one boater told another he cleared it in his boat which was 18 foot 4 inches. I looked at a photo and that seems about right. But yeah, that is sketchy at best. For what it's worth, the photo can be seen at the link below. There are several photos of the bridge there.


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